Friday, August 4, 2017

Nothing New To Report

 I don't remember if I posted a photo of our new lamps ...
so here they are.  While pretty simple in design we didn't
want the lamps to take away from the beauty of the picture.
 I let the dogs out yesterday morning and spotted the
white egret looking for breakfast.  
 A morning view from our deck while I was snapping
pictures of the white egret.
 I started working on the blocks for a holiday quilt.  The green
center blocks are printed with little westies.  I need more of
this fabric and it also comes in red as well.
A basket full of mini-terriers.  I'll be sending one dozen along
with a quilt I'm almost done with to the person in charge of
donations for the live/silent auction at the Mongtomery
Kennel Club terrier show in October.  I hope they do well
and bring in a few bucks for the cause.

1 comment:

  1. The lamps look nice and that painting is pretty. You've got a very nice view from your deck