Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pictures from Ocean City, Maryland

 Sunrise over the ocean: Day #1
My sister & I went to Ocean City, MD for a little mini-vacation.  
I was amazed at how calm the ocean waves are.
 Early morning sun worshippers claiming there
spot in the sand for the day.
 The condo we rented for two nights belongs to a
friend.  My sister and I loved this building and the
location.  We kidded that we should buy a condo
in this building ... but I seriously doubt if that
will ever happen.  Renting is hassle-free.

 This is a one bedroom unit.
 I'm pretty sure the guy who owns this truck will
not be happy with all the seagull poop on his roof.
Amusement's at the end of the boardwalk. 
Pizza:  Dinner Day #1
 Our favorite pizza joint on the boardwalk.  We've been going
there for pizza since our parents took us there as kids.
 I had no trouble finding a parking spot at the big lot
located at the Inlet which is the very end of the boardwalk.
 I didn't know this was the week for the world famous
white marlin fishing tournament.  The photo is not great
since all I had was my iPhone but the line of fishing boats
coming into the Inlet was amazing.  People had chairs in the
sand watching all the big expensive boats come back in
to have their catch measured and weighted.
 Pizza:  Dinner Day #2
Same place, same pizza, different waitress.
 You can't leave the beach without taking home a box
of taffy, a box of fudge, and a tub of popcorn.
 Saying good-bye to the sun, sand, and ocean.
Debby and I had a great time.  We hit a few stores in
Salisbury prior to checking into the condo.  The weather
was perfect and on Wednesday I drove up to the outlet
centers in Rehoboth Beach.  All in all a perfect two day


  1. It's nice to get away for a few days! I enjoyed your photos, Katie!

  2. Sounds like a fun 2 days and,pizza 2 days in a row would work for me.

  3. All I saw in your postie was P-I-Z-Z-A !!!!!!!!