Monday, September 18, 2017

Bless Me Father ...

The Portable Confessional
I can not tell a lie ... I purchased more fabric
Bless me Father for I have purchased more fabric.
This is the fabric that started it all. 
 When I decided on the bunny fabric I thought the flower
in pot fabric would be a cute combo for a quilt.  Little did
realize just how large those pots were.
 I have a thing for gnome's and have a nice collection started. 
 This is from the Scandi line.  I'm familiar with this line 
because I had a jelly roll of the entire collection.
 More of the Scandi line here and below.

 I ordered two of the princess panels.  These are really
cute and will have fun making these into quilts.
 I had this panel before and liked the way it turned when
complete ... so I ordered another to keep on hand.

 More Xmas

 Not crazy about these but I'll use them in something.

 This one is sorta strange and all I can think of is
that it must have looked better on the website.
Now that I have confessed to my fabric purchases
I really feel a lot better.


  1. Oh my word, I have never seen a portable confessional before. That one has me laughing.
    Loving all your Christmas fabrics. The one thing I dislike about shopping online is that things don't always look the same once you get them. I"ve found that sometimes colors tend to be off. Still way more convenient than going out shopping though

  2. LOL that priest with the portable confessional! Did you request his services? Pretty fabric, and I have a thing for gnomes, too!!!