Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Rose Lacework: The Quilt

 While the westies are snoozing in the sewing room I've been
very busy working on a kit I ordered on sale from
Connecting Threads.
 The Rose Lacework quilt is 78-1/2" x 97-1/2".
It's enormous and I'm planning to send this out to
a professional long armer to quilt it for me.  I can't
image trying to do this on my home sewing machine
even with my new Bernina.
Currently, I'm thinking of using the quilting service
offered by Missouri Star Quilting but I'm going to
check around for other long armer pricing.
A westie on a westie ... Julep
There was a lot of material cutting and I numbered the fabrics to be
sure I combined them as the designed indicated.  The block are
pretty simple to make and measure 8-1/2". 
 Julep wanted to get right in the middle of all these loose blocks
and I said 'no' so she parked herself on the sidelines.
Thank goodness because it took me some time to
lay out the blocks as the designer did.
All those single blocks are now sewed together in rows so
it's not a big deal to have the westies right in the middle of
this massive project.  For the record this is the largest quilt
top I have made.  I prefer to make smaller lap size quilts.
 I love this little face.
 My project for today ... get the rows sewn together and maybe
if I'm lucky get at least one of the borders ready to sew on.
 Julep and Derby hear Wilson starting lunch in the
kitchen and are wondering what treat they will
get out of him.
 The top half is sewn so now it's time for 
my lunch break.
The two fabrics on the left are for the double border the
designed chose.  While this quilt has an appliqué 
row of stems and roses along the top I'm going to pass 
on this step and leave that row out.
. . . . .
While I'm a little late I would still like
to take this opportunity to wish you a

Happy New Year 2019


  1. I love this pattern. It looks fantastic.
    Happy New Year to you as well

  2. Derby has the cutest Westie face ever! Your quilt will be lovely once it's complete. Julep is helping! ;P