Friday, January 11, 2019

She's Finally Done & On The Way ...

 Julep ... waiting for me to start sewing.
 The Plexiglas extension table was worth every penny and
I'm glad it arrived in time for me to sew on the last
two border fabrics.
 This {I believe} is the largest extension table made
for this model of Bernina. 
 For some quilters working with a quilt this large isn't a big deal.
For someone [like me] who is use to making lap and baby
quilts ... it's a big deal.  Would I do it again ... maybe.
Connecting Threads 50wt spool thread purchased on sale.
 Pressed and is now ready to be folded and
placed in the box for mailing.

 I made the decision to use Missouri Star Quilting Co.
Estimated time for return is 4-6 weeks.  Now since this
is the first time I've made a quilt this size and the first
time I'm sending it off to have a professional
quilt it I feel the cost of $239 isn't bad.
 Included in this price ... a quilted fancy pattern over the
complete top, the batting, the back fabric [which I
would guess is about 7 yards] as well as the return postage.

 I'm excited to see this completed.  Once this comes back
from Missouri Star I will still need to add the binding.
If I'm 100% happy I'll enter it into the Guild's bi-annual
quilt show this spring.  This will be a first for me. 

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  1. It's beautiful. That does seem like a reasonable price for all that is included.