Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Loads of Fun Fabric Collection

Julep and I are here to share the new collection of fabric
I received called "Loads of Fun" by Studioe Fabrics.
 I received 1 yard of each as well as two panels.
Chelsea DesignWorks’ newest collection will definitely make it more
fun and help you smile about it. This 16-sku line is created in a 
modern farmhouse style and has a 24-inch chalkboard panel 
featuring tongue-in-cheek sentiments like, 
“You wear it, you wash it,” “Never ending cycle,” “It’s a dirty job” and 
“Drop off service.” Washing machines, irons, ironing boards, 
clothes pegs, a cotton plant all-over, care symbols and a running
 yardage block pattern with a shiplap background create a fun collection
 for your laundry area. Colors are milk, pewter, charcoal and taupe.

 I think I'll make washer and dry table runners from this.

Laundry day is never a day I look forward to
but this collection makes it bearable.  

1 comment:

  1. What a cute collection. The farmhouse look is so popular.
    I just love that first picture of Juleps sweet little face