Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Coast to Coast

Our friends [Stan & Leslie] just started their 11,000 mile journey
across the United States.  When they stop in Maryland in
a few weeks I have this quilt to give them.
Several years ago [as well as several motor coaches ago]
they did a similar trip across the U.S. so they are no
stranger to traveling like this.
This is R.J. who is the official co-pilot.
The other white fur you see in the lower left hand corner is Opie.
This is their brand new motor coach named "The Queen" ... plus
the Jeep & two electric bikes ... basically everything you need for
a trip across the U.S.A.  I personally would have nightmares 
driving something this large [not to mention towing a Jeep]!

1 comment:

  1. Traveling across the US sounds like fun but no way would I want to drive that thing.
    That quilt is perfect for their travels