Friday, February 28, 2020

Almost finished: ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE ... AND A DOG

Can you spot the westie?
I rolled out my cotton batting so I could get the two
dog quilts spray basted and ready for the next step ...
quilting and then binding.
Derby interrupted the process as usual. 

How many times do you get a fortune cookie
predication that is right on?

Next under my needle will be collection 2 of 3 
Jennifer sent to me to work with.  The agreement 
for all Brand Ambassadors is a one month 
completion time. Right now I'm ahead of the
 game completing my projects. 
Harbor Days by Blank Quilting
I was sent a yard [each] of these fabrics plus a few extra
yards of 'blender' fabrics [from the Jot Dot collection].
   This gives me more wiggle room in the creative
process than usual.  So while I'm finishing up the
dog quilts I'll start thinking what to make next.


  1. Yep! All you need is love and a dog.....preferably a naughty Westie!

  2. Derby just wanted to make sure your batting was suitable for the