Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Horse Quilt Kit & Happy Holidays Quilt

This is a kit I ordered from Hancock of Paducah to make for the
non-fiction editor that helps Wilson with the Delmarva Review.
He and his wife love horses so when I spotted this kit I
felt it was right for them.
I guess I didn't realize [or pay attention to the overall completed
size of this quilt] because it's a little on the small size.  I tried
playing with different fabrics I have in my stash to add a
border or two but didn't feel any of them worked  ... so I placed
an order for two different colors of horseshoe fabric that
I spotted on sale for $3.99 per yard.  My order has already shipped
so it should be here by next week.
Bottom of the Panel
The panel [pre-cutting] is beautiful but for some reason
the designer decided to use only used the top 18" of it
[that's what Julep is sleeping on].  The bottom of the panel
will be placed on the back of the quilt.
Happy Holidays
I woke up two days ago thinking of my relative {Karen} who
is a doctor at a veterans hospital in Virginia.  I felt she could
use a surprise so I pulled this panel and started working on the layout.
While I could have used the burnt red fabric from the back between the
light gray snow blocks I decided to do shades of gray.  I liked
this so much I could have kept it for myself ... but I didn't.
I like to do simple and fast lap quilts.
This seems like Karen and I hope she likes it and that the quilt
puts a smile on her face.  I can't even image what doctors
and nurses are going through now and especially those
working with the elderly.  I will mail it on Monday and
hopefully she will get it prior to Thanksgiving.
Like I mentioned previously ... 
This year has been a difficult year for so many reasons 
for so many people.   I like to think the little surprises
I send to friends will hopefully will lift their spirits just a little. 


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  1. Both quilts are wonderful. They will certainly put a smile ont he faces of the people who receive them.