Saturday, March 6, 2021

The Final Sets of Pillowcases


I was talking with my sister the other day and she happened to
mention she was repairing a skirt for someone's little girl
at work.  She also mentioned unicorns in the conversation.
For fun I made these pillowcases for her to give
that little girl's mom.  I hope she likes purple!

The fabric earmarked for pillowcases is now
officially cleared from my shelf.
This set is wild and my favorite.
How odd they are napping so close to each other.
I'm thinking of donating these to a homeless shelter.
Finally finished the baby quilt and burps and the box is on it's 
way to Jennifer.  The new mom baby shower will be soon.
A FB friend sent me yards and yards of this dog theme fabric.
I made 4 pillowcases and will be using the remainder for
the backing of a dog themed quilt which will be donated to a
westie rescue auction this month.
The last of the pillowcases.  I have the sets in plastic bags
which are stacked on a table in my sewing room.
Today is Saturday and I'll be working with the new collection
of flower fabric {I decided on a simple pattern} and 
adding the final touches to the Easter bunnies.
In between I just might get some housework done. 

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  1. Those pillowcases all look great. What little girl wouldn't love a unicorn pillow case