Saturday, February 4, 2023

A Few From the Cruise

Our cabin size and small balcony was fine.

Even the bathroom was adequate for the week.
The entire ship went through a major renovation 
and I liked the improvements.
I didn't take a lot of pictures of food in the Oceanview Cafe
but it was the usual selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
We did try the dining room two nights and were totally
disappointed in the food.  We ate in the Cafe for all
our meals.  One night we sprung for the special chop house
and it was a waste of $'s.  Not going into details but we
will let the agents of this cruise know what we thought.
The desserts on the ship were nothing to write home about. 
Those little cakes to the right seem to be on the 'everyday'
selection.  Ice cream had it's own station and that was 
basic but good.  Needless to say we didn't eat a lot of sweets.

This is one of the two nights we had dinner in the 
dining room.  Since we had second show seating
we had a early dining time.  
Mindi Abair playing a lunch time concert by the
pool.  By the end of her set she was fried from the sun.
This lady can play the sax!

One bottle of wine lasted through the week.
We didn't drink much.
We took to having dinner on the back deck to
watch the sunsets.  The cafe buffet is right inside
so it was easy to get food and bring it out.

The sea was so calm we hardly knew we were
moving.  It was amazing!
Our last sunset.

If you look closely you will see two white
dots which are planets.  
Deck 8 - midship was our home for the week.
We couldn't have asked for a better spot.
The stairs to the cafe entrance were two flights up
and the stairs to the entertainment deck were
three flights down.  
Different heads were on each landing.

The newly renovated dining room ceiling.
I took a lot of few second video's of the performers
which I can post later.  As we said goodby to
Smooth Jazz Cruise 23.2 we said hello to arriving
home sick!  Wilson started feeling bad the day
before we departed the ship and I waited until
we got home.  We don't think it's Covid just
bad head colds.

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