Friday, February 10, 2023



While we were away Jennifer sent me 3 boxes full of fabric.
Since we haven't been feeling great since returning home
[thank you Covid germs] I'm just now taking pictures.
This is the cutest panel which I just had to show in more detail.  
It's the second skinny bolt from the left in the photo above.
I'm not sure how many panels I have but if anyone of my
quilting friends would like one - please let me know.
I'm glad to share.
Periodically I'm sent skinny bolts and some full bolts of leftover
[for lack of a better word] fabric from the Jaftex warehouse.  It's
so incredibly nice of them to do this.
The skinny bolt of reindeer will go to making Xmas stockings
for the kids at The Child's Haven.  The Halloween fabric
I was thinking of making into pillowcases.  For now these
are tucked away with the other holiday fabric.
This was a skinny bolt of 5 soft book panels.  I know I'll make
one into a quilt, ask Chris from Outreach if she wants one 
and give one to the Guild to use as a raffle item at a meeting.
The toweling I haven't opened yet.  That bundle of Free Spirit
solids is really yummy and will incorporate them into various
projects along the way.  The Nebula pattern is something 
that I need to concentrate on at some point.
Besides the all bolts to add to my stash also came
4 collections that are brand new releases.  These
require me to make something, take photo's and send it.
I'm gonna be pretty busy!
Alpha-Babies for Henry Glass & Co.
Farnyard Tails from Studioe

MEOW from Studioe
Beach Bound from Henry Glass
This collection has 2 panels as well.

Since I'm still not feeling the greatest but am getting my
energy back I decided to start on the MEOW collection.
I will using the cat pattern designed by Missouri Star

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  1. That's a lot of fabric. That should keep you busy for a while. Hope you're feeling better soon